Meet the founder of the Kulaverse: Andrew Booth, Business Development Director at KulaHub

Veteran salesman Andrew Booth founded KulaHub in 2009 and has played a crucial role in growing the company into what it is today. He is responsible for overseeing sales and maintaining relationships with KulaHub’s existing customers.


We caught up with Andrew to find out more about his role at KulaHub.

I started my career running my family farm for 14 years. In 2000, I decided to change direction and got into software sales for a vehicle tracking company.

In 2009, I met KulaHub Technical Director Tim Metcalfe and purchased KulaHub’s original marketing software from him.

Tim and I developed KulaHub’s software together and turned a simple email broadcast platform into the CRM it is today.

I’m not a tech-guru and like to keep things simple. This is why we designed KulaHub with user-friendliness in mind.

The rest, as they say, is history!


What is your primary role at KulaHub?

I oversee sales and look after our existing customers.

The first step with new prospects is to book an appointment with them via Zoom. During these appointments, I take the time to learn more about the client’s business and make sure that KulaHub can do what they need.

Some of these customers are unfamiliar with CRMs and I have to spend time explaining what they do before I can begin to sell KulaHub!

If I can’t answer the client’s question or if they are looking for custom development, I will consult with Hazel, who is an expert when it comes to everything tech-related.


Can you provide some examples of how you help existing customers?

I keep in touch to make sure that they are using KulaHub to its full capabilities.

This involves explaining how they can extend their use of KulaHub and keeping them in the loop about any new updates.

I am also responsible for contacting our customers annually to remind them about their contract renewal.

These calls are crucial because they allow me to touch base with our customers and make sure they are still happy with our service.

This also allows me to determine if they have any concerns about KulaHub and what we can do to help.


How does it feel to see KulaHub grow into what it is today?

We initially designed KulaHub to service the needs of small businesses.

Over time, the development team has taken KulaHub to the next level and we are now able to link with API’s and software like Zapier to work with bigger clients.

It’s rewarding to see how far KulaHub has come and the size of the businesses we now work with.


Can you tell us a bit more about your hobbies?

I enjoy watching rugby in my spare time and I used to be an avid player when I was younger. Now in my later years, I enjoy playing a round of golf—it’s much easier going!

Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, I am looking forward to catching up with friends over a barbecue!

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