Meet the master of the Kulaverse: Hazel Johnson, Senior Account Manager at KulaHub 

Hazel Johnson is KulaHub’s in-house superwoman. From delivering training to providing technical support, she ensures our customers can take full advantage of KulaHub’s capabilities. Hazel is also our resident data expert, helping customers to clean, migrate and manage their data efficiently. 


Over to Hazel…  


I started my career at KulaHub as an apprentice just before my 17th birthday. At that stage, KulaHub was still in a tiny office that could barely fit three people in it! I’ve been involved with the company for over six years now and I’ve seen it grow into what it is today.  

No two days are ever the same for me. I work with new and existing clients to ensure a seamless journey throughout the implementation process and everything beyond.  


How do you support new customers? 

For many businesses, setting up a new CRM can be overwhelming. I have briefing calls with all of our new customers to listen to their pain points and their experience with other systems. 

These calls are really important, as they help me understand what support we need to provide to ensure that clients get the most out of KulaHub.  

This support varies from recommending best practices to explaining to clients how they can benefit from the KulaHub features they aren’t using yet.  

This is one of my favourite parts of the job as I love problem-solving for people!  

I’ll also assist with cleansing the client’s existing customer data and then migrating it over to KulaHub.  


How has the pandemic affected your role? 

The pandemic has meant that I can no longer meet customers for a coffee, which is a shame because I love getting to know them personally. 

It has also meant that we’ve had to help a lot of our customers to adapt to remote working and troubleshoot their technical issues over Zoom.  


Can you provide examples of how you help customers on a day-to-day basis? 

When our clients roll out a big project and need KulaHub’s support, I usually speak with them on a daily basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes I work so closely with our customers that it feels as though I’m part of their company!  

Some of our clients are unfamiliar with email marketing and don’t have any in-house expertise, so I provide them with training and help them to develop targeted campaigns.  

I spend a long time getting to know the ins and outs of each client’s company. This means I can recommend the best course of action for their campaigns, as I know what they have to offer and the nature of their industry.  


I understand you have some technical chops—can you tell us about that? 

KulaHub supports most third-party integrations. However, there are a few out there which are notoriously difficult to connect to a CRM. In these cases I help design workarounds, manage custom development or recommend alternatives.  

We also consider ourselves Excel and Zapier experts, simply because we work with these products so often. For example, in the past I have helped our clients speed up their data cleansing process by improving their VLOOKUPs.  

Similarly, I am able to answer almost any question our clients may have about Zapier. This saves them time seeking external support and gets the integrations live on KulaHub faster.  


How do you like to unwind after a long day? 

To stay active in my free time I have been doing lots of rollerblading, and I also love yoga and meditation. I have enjoyed playing video games since I was a child, and I suspect that this is where my love for all things tech-related began!  


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