Fortress KulaHub: How We Keep Your Data Secure

  Today more and more companies do business via the cloud.   As a result, online security and protecting people’s personal data have become more critical than ever. And for good reason. The number and range of online attacks are growing all the time. According to Security Magazine, the number of businesses falling foul of… Read more »

When Should You Start Using a CRM?

  If you are a small business owner or sales manager who uses Excel to manage your customer data you have probably been told that you should be using a CRM.   For those that don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.   This technology helps you grow your business by improving your efficiency… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to CRMs and the GDPR: Part Two

  In our last article, we explained what GDPR is, the different grounds for collecting data and the rights of individuals that need to be met. In this article, we’re going to look at how CRM functions can help support your GDPR processes and what steps you should take when setting up CRM-based data protection… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to CRMs and the GDPR: Part One

  Some people may have bad memories from when GDPR was launched a few years ago. For many companies, it involved a desperate scramble to understand the new legislation,  before going through their customer data with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that it met regulations. At the same time, businesses had to set up new… Read more »

Five Ways KulaHub Supports Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise companies are the giants of the business landscape. They usually employ at least 250 people and make millions of pounds in revenue each year. The sheer size of these businesses means that they face a different set of challenges to smaller companies. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of these challenges… Read more »

Case study: Reveal

Yorkshire-based company, Reveal Doors and Windows, needed an efficient system to organise their customer data and generate sales leads. Read on to learn how KulaHub helped Reveal join up its data, sales and project tracking. Boutique manufacturer Reveal was launched in 2013 and has offices in Leeds, Harrogate and York. The company produces timber-aluminium bi-fold… Read more »

Case study: HQN

Housing Quality Network (HQN) needed an accessible and user-friendly system to automate their workflows and organise their customer data. Read on to learn how KulaHub helped HQN streamline their customer data and improve their email marketing to fine-tune their sales operations.   Housing solutions HQN was launched in 1997 to support housing associations with tendering… Read more »

Why KulaHub is perfect for training and events providers

Life in training and events can be hectic. Whether they’re managing hundreds of attendees, chasing payments or having to find a new venue at the last minute, those working in the sector always have their hands full. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems play a vital role in helping to keep their daily operations running smoothly.… Read more »

Integrations: Power-ups for your sales team

  The ability to add new functions and software to your CRM can be game-changing, allowing you to scale your system according to your needs and budget. However, choosing a flexible CRM with the right level of support is vital to realising these benefits.    In today’s high-tech B2B world, there is a tool for… Read more »

Make Data the Heart of Your Sales Reports

Sales figures and the success of individuals are useful for determining your team’s ultimate performance. However, they won’t help you identify which stages of your sales pipeline are successful and which parts need attention. To do this, sales managers need a CRM partner that can help them get their data into shape and ensure they… Read more »

Meet the master of the Kulaverse: Hazel Johnson, Senior Account Manager at KulaHub 

Hazel Johnson is KulaHub’s in-house superwoman. From delivering training to providing technical support, she ensures our customers can take full advantage of KulaHub’s capabilities. Hazel is also our resident data expert, helping customers to clean, migrate and manage their data efficiently.    Over to Hazel…      I started my career at KulaHub as an apprentice… Read more »