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When Should You Start Using a CRM?

  If you are a small business owner or sales manager who uses Excel to manage your customer data you have probably been told that you should be using a CRM.   For those that don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.   This technology helps you grow your business by improving your efficiency… Read more »

Integrations: Power-ups for your sales team

  The ability to add new functions and software to your CRM can be game-changing, allowing you to scale your system according to your needs and budget. However, choosing a flexible CRM with the right level of support is vital to realising these benefits.    In today’s high-tech B2B world, there is a tool for… Read more »

Make Data the Heart of Your Sales Reports

Sales figures and the success of individuals are useful for determining your team’s ultimate performance. However, they won’t help you identify which stages of your sales pipeline are successful and which parts need attention. To do this, sales managers need a CRM partner that can help them get their data into shape and ensure they… Read more »

How The Right CRM Drives Business Growth

A good CRM system helps you to grow your business by improving the customer experience, drastically improving efficiency and ultimately increasing sales. Storing and tracking all your contacts in one place pays dividends. However, I do appreciate that installing a new system can seem like an onerous task and you need to be confident that… Read more »

Keeping Business Easy In Difficult Times

No-one needs to tell business owners and managers just how difficult life is at this unique moment in time. My business is ‘fortunate’ enough to be able to re-deploy to home working. A unique situation for a lot of people in my business, not so much for me as I’m used to travelling and home… Read more »

Make 2021 Your Data-Driven Sales Year

B2B sales leaders are constantly being reminded how data will transform their sales. And these benefits are set to become even more pronounced thanks to the global pandemic. A recent BBC news article stated that the UK economy could take up to three years to return to pre-Covid levels. Others predict that the country will… Read more »