Category: Masters of the Kulaverse

Meet the master of the Kulaverse: Hazel Johnson, Senior Account Manager at KulaHub 

Hazel Johnson is KulaHub’s in-house superwoman. From delivering training to providing technical support, she ensures our customers can take full advantage of KulaHub’s capabilities. Hazel is also our resident data expert, helping customers to clean, migrate and manage their data efficiently.    Over to Hazel…      I started my career at KulaHub as an apprentice… Read more »

Meet the founder of the Kulaverse: Andrew Booth, Business Development Director at KulaHub

Veteran salesman Andrew Booth founded KulaHub in 2009 and has played a crucial role in growing the company into what it is today. He is responsible for overseeing sales and maintaining relationships with KulaHub’s existing customers.   We caught up with Andrew to find out more about his role at KulaHub. I started my career… Read more »