KulaHub is a fully tried and tested CRM platform. Functionality and development are constantly updated to refine and improve the efficiency of data management, contact management, reporting and integrations. In the platform, you’ll find a full suite of tools and functions to help you manage your people, customers and business better.

Manage customer relationships

CRM, as you know, means managing your customer relationships. KulaHub has coined the phrase ‘CCM’ as we understand that in addition to knowing everything you possibly can in order to have a meaningful and profitable relationship with your existing and prospective customers – the real power is sharing that knowledge with the rest of your colleagues. This is why we have modelled the system on an Unlimited User basis.

In a nutshell

  • Bulk Import all your data, including notes, tasks, contacts, organisations and process data
  • Create categories to represent your key business segments
  • All the usual features! Record conversations, set reminders, attach documents and more
  • Create custom fields and forms to capture all your key company data and manage all internal and external processes
  • Track telesales and your team through user activity across call recording and the CRM. Big Brother is watching!