Email lookup

Target business leaders and directors more accurately with our email lookup technology. Once you have built your database of prospective targets, you can find their email addresses and import them directly into your data. Build reliable, targeted email campaigns straight out of Kulahub!

Target business leaders

You can get an email address from the organisation of your choice with Kulahub. If you know their name, just type that in and find out how to reach them!

It has never been easier to find essential contact information for the organisations in your CRM. Simply click on ’email lookup’ and define the search criteria, then hit enter! No more endless Google searches and scraping websites looking for email addresses, KulaHub makes it a breeze!

In a nutshell

  • Find contacts for any organisation using their website domain.
  • Search directly from an organisation record in your KulaHub account.
  • Search for a specific person within the organisation.
  • Auto-fill the search data from the record data.
  • Generate new contacts in the organisation record from the search results.