Postcode Lookup

With our postcode lookup functionality, you can build a sales and marketing programme to target businesses based on their location and proximity to your business. Choose sector, size and how close they are to you. Then simply buy and download the data into Kulahub. Ready to go!

Find organisations and contacts

With our advanced filters, you can find businesses that are within a certain number of miles from your preferred postcode. These highly targeted leads will help to ensure that all industries and key competitors in the area are accounted for when generating new business prospects.

Additionally, use the postcode lookup feature directly from an organisation record in your Kulahub account to look up the contact information for that company.

In a nutshell

  • Get the information you need to target your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Download the data into Kulahub and start targeting businesses today!
  • Get the right customers for your business.
  • Find out how many businesses are near you and what they do.