Sales pipeline report

Sales folk are notorious for keeping their pipelines to themselves. Now you can help them record track and improve sales targets with Kulahub’s Sales Pipeline Report. Get a ‘real-time’ snapshot of who is performing and what sales will look like. Our Sales Pipeline Report has been developed by our Sales team to help you manage yours.

Add structure to your sales process

For those who may find the amount of customization within KulaHub a bit overwhelming when getting started, the sales pipeline form and report allows you to give some structure to your sales process and opportunity capture. The Sales Pipeline report takes predetermined data captured by your team and automatically generates it into an easily digestible table.

This shows off your sales team in terms of weekly, monthly and yearly performance across leads, appointments and sales. It also generates an automated weighted forecast of what’s yet to come in your business.

With all of these key data points, you’ll see the value against each stage of the process including won and lost across any of the timeframes available.

This gives management visibility of your workflow from start to finish, if you need to get more granular, there is also a breakdown of sources within this form type to track your ROI and investments.

In a nutshell

  • Get an easy start, no need to create a bespoke process, simply adapt the standardised pipeline
  • Tracking on your sales team, forecasts, outstanding weighted quotes and more
  • Step by step walkthrough for your sales team, allowing them to take a lead from appointment through to sale easily