Connect to Zapier marketplace

There are literally thousands of time-saving, efficiency-building, business-boosting, money-making apps and ideas in the Zapier Marketplace. Kulahub is a Zapier partner and we can help you connect and integrate any of their world-beating functions, to get your business flying!

Integrate with 1000's of apps

Strive to keep everything within your business universe by setting up integrations!

KulaHub is now a beta app within the Zapier marketplace. Zapier allows you to easily connect different applications your organization is using with KulaHub.

With its simple interface and access to 1000s of apps globally, it’s the perfect solution to automate processes across your business and save time on admin.

Our Zapier integration is constantly evolving to give you the most out of your integration.

In a nutshell

  • Integrating with accounting software such as Xero to record invoices and quotes in CRM, keeping all data centers for the team
  • Integrating with WordPress plugins such as gravity and ninja forms to automate data feeding into the CRM so you never miss a new opportunity
  • Integrating with O365 and Calendars to give the team visualization of activity external to your CRM

Integrate with Ecommerce to capture purchase details or event bookings, enabling you to automate emails to your network whether that be the aftercare process, thank you messages, booking reminders or feedback forms.