Data visualisation

Detailed data visualisation allows you to monitor sales and marketing figures and targets. Automated, weekly reports provide oversight of sales operations, improving accountability and transparency. With Kulahub you can see live data turned into charts and diagrams enabling you to

Business data visibility

Get visibility of all your business data by building a fully customized dashboard to visualize any data you’re holding within KulaHub, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and more, bring everything together

With an enhanced dashboard, you get a high level or granular overview of your data as it goes through your sales process. You’ll be able to track all your sales and marketing activities, so you can ensure you’re investing in the right places to drive sales.

Reports tailored to display what your business values most

Whether you’re in management looking for that high-level overview of sales or needing to track trends within your client or product base, KulaHub’s dashboards allow every business to pull specific information within the CRM that their business values the most.

Avoid business asteroids and getting bogged down with irrelevant information, focus on your key data points whilst enabling team leaders and management to see real-time insights of any CRM, Marketing or Project activity.

Never miss business trends or opportunities.

In a nutshell

  • Visualise anything, whether your data be in the CRM, Google Sheets or Analytics, get visibility in one place
  • Fully customisable, no need to wade through irrelevant data for your management meetings
  • Influence the design and brand guidelines for your dashboards, fit your companies style!
  • Create drill downs to view the data behind any key graphs
  • Create global filters giving you control over date filters etc as and when you need them
  • Easy share functionality and automated report sending ensuring all the relevant people have access to your data