Reverse IP Tracking

The KulaView functionality allows for easy lead generation through the use of Reverse IP Tracking to ensure potential leads visiting the website can be quickly identified and actioned by the team.

Capturing new leads

When a new lead visits your website, a check is done to see if the organisation already exists within your KulaHub account. If so this organisation is updated and the digital tracking tab is populated. If not, then a new organisation is created.

Additionally, if it finds any contacts for this organisation, the contacts are also created and associated with that organisation. In this instance, any additional contact details such as an email address and telephone numbers are also captured making it easy for sales teams to make contact with decision-makers.

For any leads captured, useful information is also recorded to show the total time spent on the site, pages viewed, the date they last visited and, if found, social media profiles. This gives sales teams plenty of detail to discuss with prospective companies when they make contact.

In a nutshell

  • Records for new organisations visiting your website are tracked in real-time and their details appending to a record in Kulahub
  • Contacts, including email address and telephone numbers, are created and associated with the organisation
  • Engagement metrics are tracked including pages visited, historical visits, time on site and linked social media account