Case study: Reveal

Yorkshire-based company, Reveal Doors and Windows, needed an efficient system to organise their customer data and generate sales leads.

Read on to learn how KulaHub helped Reveal join up its data, sales and project tracking.

Boutique manufacturer

Reveal was launched in 2013 and has offices in Leeds, Harrogate and York. The company produces timber-aluminium bi-fold doors, windows, winter gardens, glasshouses and complimentary glazing products. Reveal oversees the design, manufacturing, installation and aftercare of their products for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Reveal’s Data Challenge

Reveal is meticulous when it comes to project management and keeping track of each stage of the sales process. As the company grew, its management decided that the spreadsheets they had been relying on were no longer suitable for managing their customer and project data. Reveal was also using separate email marketing and event planning channels, which made merging and recording data time-consuming.

The company faced several challenges, including:

Poor data management

Reveal wanted to track important project information like the source of inquiries, project statuses and budgets.

This data was being stored across multiple spreadsheets. However, spreadsheets are not designed to manage or utilise this kind of data and have limited analysis capabilities.

Staying on top of customer and project data became especially difficult when Reveal took on more customers, and staff would forget to update the spreadsheets.

This manual process meant that customer information often got duplicated.

Difficulties managing email marketing

Reveal was using a third-party email marketing platform that was able to record click-throughs and subscriptions.

However, this data could not be updated on Reveal’s spreadsheets or synced with their event planning software.

This meant that Reveal had to capture the data manually, which was time-consuming.

Little oversight of activities

Reveal wanted a system that would be able to record every interaction with their customers.

This included keeping track of phone calls, meetings, and whether Reveal had sent them promotional items.

Transparency is also very important to the Reveal team. Management wanted to see which team members were fulfilling their responsibilities and gain a clear overview of sales operations.

Meet the data experts  

The Reveal team realised that to keep up with persistent growth, they needed a system to take control of their data.   

Let’s take a closer look at how KulaHub has helped Reveal so far.

Data Organisation

First, Reveal needed to transfer its historical data to KulaHub from its spreadsheets.

This involved auditing and cleaning the data, as well as transferring it into a CSV format.

Reveal’s data is now stored in a single place that connects to a range of functions, including email marketing, lead generation and project tracking.

Now that Reveal’s customer and project data is managed seamlessly, they have said goodbye to the risk of duplication and human error.

Sophisticated email marketing

Reveal’s email marketing and event management is now connected to KulaHub’s centralised database, making campaign and event management easier than ever.

Reveal can now segment clients by factors such as postcode and occupation and create targeted email campaigns.

This means that staff can focus on creating compelling marketing messages and delivering excellent events instead of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Greater visibility over business functions

KulaHub also has visualisation dashboards that provide a detailed overview of all sales and marketing activities.

These dashboards allow Reveal to produce engaging reports and give management greater visibility over the company’s entire sales pipeline.

Since all sales and projects are managed through KulaHub, Reveal can better understand their team’s performance.

Training and support

Reveal found many non-compatible fields and errors while transferring their data from spreadsheets to KulaHub.

One of our friendly consultants, Hazel Johnson, helped Reveal find and fix these issues.

Using a CRM for the first time can be a daunting experience for many businesses. Most need technical and operational support to ensure a smooth setup.

That’s why Hazel hosted a five-day training course to get Reveal’s staff and management up to speed with their new CRM.

Looking Ahead

Reveal has been using KulaHub for three years now.

Hazel is still in regular contact with the company and helps them expand their use of KulaHub and get the most out of it.

KulaHub is also creating a dashboard that will help Reveal conduct a detailed analysis of its sales and project data.

“Reveal has been a heavy user of KulaHub for the past three years and I cannot recommend it enough.

“With Hazel’s help, we have been able to tailor the CRM according to our unique business needs and our processes have never been more efficient.

“At Reveal, we take data protection seriously, which is why we like that KulaHub is cloud-based. This gives us peace of mind knowing that all of our customer data is secure.

“Not only is KulaHub an economical choice, but it also gives us complete transparency over all of our operations. A no brainer, in my opinion!”

David Weaver, Director, Reveal Doors and Windows.

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